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The Everything You Want To Know (EYWTK) session (Tuesday, 4:30 pm, 245 Altgeld Hall)
Think of this session as a swap meet of mathematical tools and perspectives. This is your chance to ask the experts to clarify the basics (or otherwise) in those areas outside your comfort zone but inside your domain of fascination. Questions will be welcome at the event but if you are also encouraged to use this webpage to submit questions for consideration in advance. Click here to submit your questions.

Panel Discussion: Making the Most of the GEAR Network (Thursday, 4:30 pm, 245 Altgeld Hall)
The topic for the panel discussion is how to make the most of the GEAR network. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion at the event on Thursday, but we encourage you to submit comments or additional questions for the panel in advance.  Click here to submit your questions.