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Workshops and conferences

GEAR will support workshops of the following types:

Network members at U.S. nodes are encouraged to submit proposals for all of the above.  Support will be provided in the form of a subaward to the proposer’s home institution.  While the terms of a subaward require that this home institution be in the U.S., the location of the meeting may be elsewhere.

Proposals may be submitted at any time but should be made well in the advance of the proposed activity. Proposals will be evaluated on their scientific merits as well as the timeliness and strength of proposed management plan.

Organizers of supported events are required to submit a brief final report at the end of the event. Click here to submit your report online.

Workshop/Conference Application Form


The GEAR Executive Committee meets once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of the month, to review applications to all GEAR programs. Decisions are announced and award letters sent out within a few days of the meetings.

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Deadline for consideration at next meeting:  8 am (US Central Standard Time) Thursday, January 11, 2018

Please note that the regulations of the National Science Foundation impose the following restrictions on funding by GEAR:

 [A foreign participant is one who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.]