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The following Network programs are available to

For information on how to become a network member, go to the New Members page.

Network Programs

Use of the programs to attend meetings [Updated on May 1, 2018]: the Short Term Visits, Exchanges, or Graduate Internships programs are not intended to fund travel for the sole purpose of attending meetings or conferences. The primary purpose of these programs is to facilitate research interactions between network members at different nodes.While such interactions may take place at locations and at times that - in addition to the primary purpose of the visit - facilitate attendance at a meeting, visits of this nature will be given low priority when deciding how to allocate the remaining funds in the GEAR budgets. Please note also that when applying to use the programs in this way, the application should emphasize the primary purpose of the visit, i.e. it should make clear which GEAR members will be getting together and for what purpose.

Network-wide Gatherings

In addition to the above Network Programs, GEAR will sponsor the following network-wide gatherings:


Please note that the regulations of the National Science Foundation impose the following restrictions on funding by GEAR:

 [A foreign participant is one who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.]